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Astrology — Reaching for a Theory

By:  |  Published: Saturday, 13-April-2013

The brain is a probabilistic fractal expanding itself recursively through stochastic processes (random variations within peculiar constraints).

Whatever mathematical principle in Nature driving bees to always make hexagonal structures within their hives and causing snowflakes to always have six sides is behind the brain's unfolding as a probabilistic fractal expanding recursively through stochastic processes.

Astrology seems to be a higher reflection of yet more enigmatic mathematical principles in the cosmos, and their consequences on earth in the form of probabilistic fractals known as brains, which are tied to personalities and temperaments.


Fractal Brains: Fractal Thoughts

Our Brains are fractal, with far reaching branches

Published on September 4, 2009 by Dr. David Pincus in The Chaotic Life

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