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Divine Astrology

By:  |  Published: Thursday, 17-December-2009

For the Soul,
Time is but a Tool
To Love, To Want, Infinitely
That is All.

This is the Essence of Divine Astrology.

Why this life? Why these loves? Why these lessons?

Karma? Fate? Destiny?

Your Soul KNOWS and speaks the language of the Stars, an eternal universal discourse in Light.

Essentially, an astrologer is a breathing lens. Each astrologer focuses on areas of the horoscope reflecting the astrologer's own heart's desires, experiences, and abilities, which necessarily colors the message those seeking knowledge receive; however, the essence and outline of knowledge sought never distorts so acutely that all Truth is obliterated. That's an impossible threshold because the Stars themselves never lie.

Astrology is a language of Nature, understood and recognized by an obscured Self, a Self purposely concealed for abandonment by history's various cabals. And defenselessly swirling amidst the ineluctable annihilation of every steadfast Past with an ever-arriving Future, grasping a tentative-only Known, eternally casting an even-greater shadowed Unknown, perishing man and woman seek refuge, ceaselessly longing to hold fast to all deemed unchangeable, beyond ephemerality's moment-to-moment oblivions and anguishing mysteries. Math is the pretense of certainty, and the quintessential concession of Nature to men and women's insoluble condition is Astrology, based upon the esoteric nature of number, not strictly cause and effect, meaning there's a very complicated realm of what we are limited to calling coincidence, which Astrology reveals, beyond the physical movements of the planets or gravity.

And here Soul and Self are met.

DIVINE WORK (77K): God creating the universe.